All classic car owners out there need to cover their antique vehicles. So be prepared to shop for a Florida auto insurance policy. The most commonly used method today when looking for insurance is to simply browse around on the web. We understand that you may be new to this, so let us help! Never drive your antique car out on the roads with no insurance.

Know what coverage you want!

Before starting anything, stop and think about how much coverage you will need for your classic car. This is a very important step. Many people start their auto insurance search without thinking about the coverage that they will need. Be sure to know what kind of coverage you need.

Be open minded!

Keep an open mind because according to, Florida is a no fault state. We have all seen the commercials on the TV that some companies put out. Don’t let that persuade you. Never try to just settle for a company based on popularity. There are so many other smaller companies out there that can provide you with the same exact coverages.

Be honest!

When filling out online FL car insurance quote forms here, always be honest. The only way to get a great rate is, to be honest with your answers.

Here is how to receive an auto insurance quote online

When you receive a Florida auto quote, you don’t need to visit each major insurance company website of your choice. The process is fairly easy. Simply visit their site, find their quote form, enter your information, then receive a quote from multiple carriers online.

You may also start off with a simple Google search of “FL auto insurance”. From there browse through the results and find what best fits your needs. Finally, you can also use a website that can provide you with quotes from all major companies. It is the best site on the web to receive quotes like this from.

No matter where you decide to receive your quotes keep these tips in mind.

  • Always collect at least 3 quotes!
  • Never settle for the first quote you receive, no matter how great it looks.
  • Before settling for a quote review the company! You definitely do not want an unprofessional company with terrible customer service.
  • Always make sure you purchased the best protection available for your classic car!

There you go! By knowing the Florida auto insurance requirements, finding auto insurance in Florida for you antique car can be easy! Just be sure to take your time and do your research!